Warmers Gone Wild? UN Climate Summit Silences Global Warming Opposition

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Steve Cooper

Courtesy of DRUDGE


The “Warmers” got rid of the term ‘Global Warming’, because it is a proven scam; the planet is not getting warmer. So, they invented the term ‘Climate Change’.

Well, yeah…winter, spring, summer and FALL.


Go to climatedepot.com for the story

Google Climategate for the truth..


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  1. Climate change cycles are longer and encompass the change of seasons. Climate change is a constant, meaning that the climate of Earth has never been static, it has always been at change, growing cooler, then warmer. then cooler again, then warmer, and so on.

    During the Medieval, the climate cycled through a warming period. (Must have been caused by all of those monks cruising around in their SUVs, no?) Following was the Little Ice Age. Warming then cooling then warming then cooling. Currently, the climate is in a cooling cycle, and has been for over century.

    Yes, the climate is changing. It always has. It always will. It’s nothing to fear.

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